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Elwood & Goetz Wealth Advisory Group works exclusively with individuals and families who desire a high level of expertise and personalized service in managing their investments and attaining their financial goals.

We are currently accepting clients who have a minimum investment portfolio of $1,000,000 (including 401(K) and other retirement plans), or who received a referral from a current client of the firm. 

The majority of our clients are recently retired or approaching retirement, but we also accept young professionals who might not meet the above minimum but are highly motivated to implement a plan for long-term financial success.

Although we specialize in working with university professors and administrators, we also serve a multitude of other professionals from across the country, including business owners, medical professionals, and entrepreneurs. We also work with individuals who have recently received a large settlement, inheritance, or sale of a business. A commonality of our clients is a high level of expertise in their respective professions and a high valuing of expertise in ours.

Our clients value a goals-based, highly integrative model of comprehensive financial planning with investment management. They recognize that global stock and bond markets, as well domestic estate and tax laws, are dynamic in nature, requiring constant attention; they recognize their financial plan is always changing and requires regular analysis for optimal results. Our clients desire to partner with a professional team over the long-term who will provide guidance in life transitions, sophistication in investment management, and peace of mind in knowing there is a plan in place.

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