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Investment Philosophy

We do not bet on popular funds, nor do we chase after high investment returns that are not maintainable in the long-term...

Instead, we focus on the tried and proven strategy of adhering to a disciplined investment plan designed to achieve long-term rates of return that will allow our clients to meet their goals, while minimizing risk as much as is possible.

More specifically, our investment philosophy is based, in large part, upon Modern Portfolio Theory and the benefits of seeking broad, global diversification. We base our investment decisions on a combination of the latest academic research and analyses of current economic indicators.

Our investment strategy is predominately passive in nature in terms of individual security selection, but active in terms of asset allocation decisions. Since the vast majority of scholarly research suggests a passive method of security selection offers the highest probabilities of goal attainment, we focus on actively managing asset allocations as well as asset locations when making decisions between taxable versus tax-advantaged accounts.

We manage all of our clients' investment accounts, including all retirement accounts, as one overall portfolio to allow for the greatest investment growth and tax efficiency.