Our model of service is recognized across the country as exemplary. Simply put, we strive to provide our clients with an old-fashioned kind of customer service, the kind of customer service that is a rare commodity in business today.

  • As stated in our tagline, we are our clients' personal financial advocate and investment fiduciary. We adhere to the highest legal duty of care for our clients' welfare. This is in contrast to the "suitability standard" adhered to by the vast majority of financial advisors.
  • We align our fee structure to be consistent with clients' best interests. Adhering to a fee-only compensation model helps us meet our fiduciary obligation. We will never accept commissions or referral fees from any third party. If our clients' investment portfolio decreases in value, so do our fees.

  • We provide personalized, responsive service to our clients.  We will always take the necessary amount of time to know and understand our clients. A primary objective of ours is to create a strong working alliance with our clients - our goals align with our clients' goals.  

  • We will always act in the best interest of our clients. Although as a Registered Investment Advisory firm we are legally obligated to act in our clients' best interest, we passionately believe this is the best business model and simply the right thing to do. 

  • Our planning is holistic in nature. Every client's investment portfolio is viewed within the context of their overall financial plan and thus unique to that client. Planning strategies are always customized to the client.   

  • We continually conduct research and learn. We utilize peer-reviewed, evidence-based planning and investment strategies and continually seek out new knowledge that may benefit our clients. We regularly review the latest academic journals and attend the leading continuing education conferences in the country, as well as conduct our own research.  

  • We strive to educate our clients. Our goal is to make our strategic advice understandable and clear to our clients. To the extent desired by clients, we help them define their goals and values surrounding money. 

  • We use a team approach. Each client works with a team of professionals with different areas of expertise. We continually build outside alliances that may benefit our clients.

  • We provide full transparency and disclosure of fees. Fees will always be fully disclosed and easy to understand.