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Aysha Ballis M.S., CFP®

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Passion + Wisdom

We started with one client in 2006...

We did no advertising other than doing a great job for that first client (and every client who came after). We sought first to build a business we would be proud of. A business that would make a difference in our clients' lives. We firmly believed that profitability would come naturally if we stuck with these first priorities.

A decade later, we have grown. We have thrived. We credit this growth + prosperity to keeping our priorities straight + our hearts humble.

It's a responsibility we take seriously: managing your financial life. And it's how we choose to invest our life energy. It's a symbiotic relationship: we are individually stronger because we work together. We invest in you + you invest in us. 

Get in touch.

Finding the right planning team is important. Actually, no, it's imperative.

That’s why we are available to help you decide on the best financial planning program for your specific situation. To answer any questions you have about our team or our process. So you feel great about moving forward with your plan.



The Planning Team

We strive to create a vibrant firm culture + work environment to attract the very best new talent entering the industry. Our planners all have university degrees specifically in personal financial planning, and many of them studied directly under the E&G team members who also work as tenured faculty at the University of Georgia.