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The E&G Process

Our process is Ideal for clients of any age who desire a balanced and tax-optimized financial plan.

We’ve found that clients entering our planning process focus either primarily on their current lifestyle or primarily on their future goals. The difficulty for most is striking the optimal balance between the two. Participation in our process allows you do just that. It allows you to be more mindful and present in your daily life by knowing your financial future is secure. It gives you the confidence to make big life decisions knowing that all angles have been considered. It provides unlimited access to a talented and qualified team of professionals who know you well and who always have your best interest at heart.

In order to maximize the value of our process, clients should have a minimum investment portfolio size of $1,000,000.

We believe EVERYTHING is in the details - and details take time. Our highest priority is to keep our standards high and our service level on point. As such, clients not meeting the above investment portfolio minimum can still work with our team by:

  • Receiving a referral from an existing client

  • Requesting an exception

You can begin our process by following this link.

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.
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